Basic Genre Introductions (Part one): Vaporwave


Most of the time any serious music fan discussing their favorite genre, usually ends up looking like a crazy person. So here at recclective we’re going to give you the smooth sailing, easy to understand, breakdown of each genre. To accomplish this we’re going to be bringing in documentaries, albums, articles, and interviews to highlight each genre.

First up is vaporwave. Even though it seems to be a dying genre that’s being quickly overtaken by lofi hip hop, it’s still worth looking up. If you’ve ever heard this song then you’ve heard vaporwave. If that particular song isn’t your cup of tea then I’d recommend Vaporwave: A Brief History by Wolfenstein OS X, and Vaporwave: Genre Redifined by Mr. Amazing.

Vaporwave: A Brief history is more of a documentary goes over it’s beginnings, main genre troupes, aesthetics, and notable artists in the vaporwave community. While Vaporwave: A Brief History is more of a love letter to a genre Mr. Amazing had previously dismissed.



Wolfenstein OS X, and Mr. Amazing briefly touches on the origin of the name, and the original article posted Dummy Mag provides good insight into the artistic statements that vaporwave began with. If the message of Vaporwave¬† touched on by Wolfenstein OS X and Mr. Amazing interests you, then I’d highly recommend you read it.

So now you’ve listened to some artists, watched the documentary, and read the article–and now you want to start making your own style of vaporwave, or even just incorporate some of it’s aesthetics into your own music. Then I’d suggest watching Adam Neely’s breakdown of the music theory of vaporwave. Adam Neely, generally speaking, is an excellent source of music knowledge and watching any of his videos, makes music theory a lot easier to digest and understand.


So there you have it an introductory course to vaporwave.