Slave Beaver Revolt: Occulture

There’s a reason why all of the greatest horror films ever made, were all made by people who didn’t make horror movies. Whether it’s Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, or Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs. Each one of these directors backgrounds were not in horror.

So then why were those movies so good? It’s because instead of focusing on gore, jump scares, horror tropes, random sex scenes mixed in with violence, etc. They focused on horror. Their own particular interpretation of horror. They took influences from Lovecraft, documentary films, novels, etc. Then blended it together, with their own craft, and made something entirely different, new, original, and just plain genius.

So why do I bring this up when reviewing Slave Beaver Revolt? Slave Beaver Revolt has experimented, well not even experimented, but excelled in almost every genre they’ve been in. They’ve done experimental music, punk rock, death metal, synthwave, etc. Nearly every genre under the sun they’ve done it.

Now the reason is that this is important not only to understand how great this song is, but how great as artists they are. Is that when an artist experiments with different genres, they pick up little tricks along the way. Say the Beatles for example when they were in Hamburg, Germany as a bar band. They had to learn to play whatever the patrons wanted them to play. So they were playing songs outside of their comfort zone, and when a rock band plays outside their comfort zone. Well, that’s how you get the Beatles.

This track in particular highlights, why it’s so important not to be tied down to any specific genre. The track is electronic, yet it has the lyricism of death metal, the aggression of punk, and the quirkiness of experimental music. It’s completely unique, out of left field, and incredibly enjoyable.

Whether it’s those phenomenally produced heavy industrial drums. The distorted vocals that growl, glitch, and scream. The electronic hum of an electronic organ, the pulsating bass, and that sinister lead synth that arpeggios around the chorus. It’s a track that combines all the great ideas of every genre that Slave Beaver Revolt has been involved in, and seamlessly synthesizes it into something wholly new and different.

This track is a must listen, and this band is a must follow. Nearly every song they post is gold. Not only for how good it sounds, but the fact they manage to nail down every genre they dip their toes in.