Whimsical: I Always Dream Of You

One of the best/worst suggestions for any musician is to put their music out on youtube. After all, it’s where all the normies go to find their music. Yet making a music video is a struggle in and of itself. The thing is, music can be this spontaneous creation that, if you have the right DAW or recording equipment, can be instantaneous gratification. Music videos on the other hand, well you have to plan for that. You actually have to film it. Then edit it. And for the absolute worst part of it, you got to wait for the video to render… Only to upload it, and get 300 views…

This is my experience. As I’ve mentioned before I used to be an aspiring filmmaker, who made cringe video upon cringe video. So whenever an artist makes a music video, I already have a lot of respect for them. Then add to the fact that this is one of the most serene beautiful bedroom pop pieces I’ve ever heard. Well then, you’ve got my attention.

First thing first, this a music blog, and I have to start with the music. The guitars are an absolute joy to listen to. They have this wonderful soothing meditative tone, and each are layered in this melodic harmony. Each guitar piece in and of itself could be the lead guitar, each of them are that melodic. Yet instead of clashing together, they compliment each other. Then when the song goes to that quiet-verse, loud-chorus structure that’s in most alternative rock bands. The guitars take a back seat. Which I am so grateful for. Turn on the radio to any rock station, and you’ll hear that Nickelback sludge guitar sound on the chorus, and it absolutely ruins every song they are featured in.

While the guitars are fantastic, what carries the song is the vocals. Which are so angelic, and so pleasing to the ear. They’re the kind of vocals, that even if Buckethead heard them, he’d probably tone it down on the guitar. It’s kind of the same principle with George Harrison, who is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Not because he was the talented virtuoso who ever played guitar, but because every single note he played complimented the song. While the Beatles had average vocals (objectively speaking, subjectively they’re the greatest singers of all time) they could make amazing vocal melodies. So having a guitarist shredding on stage, would just distract from the main focus of the song, that is the vocal melodies. And in Whimsical’s case you want to do everything in your power to highlight those amazing vocals.

Now we get into the music video. Which I really enjoy. Mainly because as I’ve said, any artist who makes a music video nowadays has my respect. But because they accomplish a lot, within a reasonable budget. Too many times I’ve seen artists get ripped off, paying $500 for a music video. When in actuality they could’ve accomplished the same feat themselves, and learned about a new art form in the process.

Most of the scenic shots seem to be from stock images, which I could be wrong about, but where the music video shines is those shots of the lead singer going down the tunnel. It’s an interesting place, couple that with a crossfade of golden clouds, and it’s like walking down a tunnel into heaven. Which fits the music perfectly.

There are a few problems I have with the music video. The strengths of the music video is how seamless the shots of the lead singer, and the crossfade of the scenic imagery is. It has that ethereal quality which does a great job of capturing the sound of the music. Yet near the end, that ethereal kind of feeling is taken away when the lead singer is too in focus. The lighting seems harsh on her, and the contrast between that and the gorgeous background makes the music video seem cheap. Kind of like when you’re watching a documentary about Romans, and all of the sudden you see one of the legionnaires in a pair of blue jeans. It takes you out of the experience.

Yet it’s a minor, itsy bitsy flaw that shouldn’t detract anyone’s enjoyment of the music, and music video. Definitely check this band out, and if you ever want to venture out into making music videos Whimsical is definitely the band you should study.

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  1. Awesome review. Thank you so much for reviewing this band. Will be checking out all your work from now on!

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