Trees on the Moon: 40 DAYS

One of the things I truly love about IDM, is that it is first and foremost, a genre dedicated to experimentation. Just like how punk was a response to the over indulgence of rock music. IDM was the response to EDM. It was a more individualistic approach to electronic music. Which is something that’s sorely needed in every genre of music. I mean after all, if we were to make a time machine, show the Beatles any laptop with a DAW, and they’d be blown away. We’re at an age with infinite possibilities yet, very few of us take advantage of those opportunities.

Then there are artists like Trees on the Moon. Who manages to use every bizarre, nuanced, texture, to weave an incredibly enjoyable song. There are too many instances where I will hear somebody’s music, and I’ll immediately know who they are trying to imitate. Whether it’s slicing together K-mart shopping music and making a vaporwave track, to using gated reverb drums and orchestral synths to make a synthwave track.

More often than not, artists aren’t willing to use the tools at their disposal. Then there’s Trees on the Moon who not only uses unconventional synths, but creates a musical atmosphere that’s unlike anything I’ve heard in awhile. Whether it’s the frantic lead synths, chaotic layered drumming, and acidic basslines–everything is so rich and original.

Yet with all of this experimentation, there is still a solid musical foundation. Replace any of the instruments with say a violin or a piano–hell even an orchestra–and it still would work. It’s an interesting song just for that reason. Then layer on the experimental sounds, and you’ve got some next level visionary type of shit.

If there’s anything you can get out of this blog. Is that after awhile, you think you’ve heard everything. Then just when you think music has gotten completely stale, and uninspired someone like Trees on the Moon comes along. Definitely give this guy a listen, and definitely check out his music.

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