lis: donotcross/acetone march

As I’ve mentioned before there seems to be a misconception about experimental artists. That they are these tortured souls living down deep in a basement. Alone with their synthesizer/guitar/whatever and making bizarre tragic music, to make sense of their bizarre tragic nature.

Which is never the case at all. The best part of creating, is experimenting. If you don’t believe me, just put restrictions on what a creative person can say, do, write, sing, paint, film, etc. There is a 100% chance there is going to be some conflict. Yet on the flipside, what happens when you allow a creative person to create? Well this is where you get original artists like lis. Whose two-for-one special of a song, highlights just the joy of being a creator.

To begin with, there is no standard sound in this track. Nearly drum, synth, bass, etc. has morphed, transformed, and mutated into something wholly different than anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s when somebody who makes music, hears a song like this–where there are so many new novel ideas–and not be inspired.

Whether it’s the frantic energy of the synths in the first half of the track, to the chopped loop of a siren going off, even to the sample of Judge Dredd. It’s the kind of track that hypes you up as a creator, that opens your mind, and shows you that the whole world is full of possibilities. Everything is so fun, and so freeing. It’s a song that I’d encourage any creative person to checkout. Even if you got your sound on lock, and there is nothing that will ever change that. You can at least appreciate the ingenuity of this track.

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