Alpha Chrome Yayo: Malediction Boulevard

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t wish that 80’s music sounded like modern synthwave? As mentioned before, most of synthwave is kind of a wish fulfillment. Like how in 40’s-50’s serials promised a world of adventure, but audiences received a cardboard set and a B-list actor. Then Spielberg and Lucas come along and say, “Hey what if we gave those serials that we loved as kids a bigger budget?”

Great synthwave is the equivalent of seeing a niche B-movie get the A-list treatment. Obviously I say all of this because the cover art reminds me of The Fly. Because after listening to this, I want this to be that movie’s soundtrack. It has that perfect synthy buildup–that unresolved tension–that makes it oh so spooky. Then when you hear the guitar shred–pure heaven.

But it’s not just the leads that make this song great. Hearing that perfect bass groove–with laser like focus–is exactly what makes this track, an A-list track. Then when the tom fills kick in, you know you’re in for a treat. I mean I am biased, but when I hear some good tom fills–I’m already sold.

From the lead synth and guitar, to the drums and bass; nearly everything in this track delivers. It’s the A-list treatment to a B-list music genre. Also let’s be real if 80’s synth music was as good as it was hyped up to be. Then there wouldn’t be an 80’s sound. There would only be an electronic sound. So if you want to hear some good electronic synthwave goodness then check this track out!

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