Backxwash delivers superstardom on Black Sailor Moon

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For many children growing up in the 1990’s, the classic anime known as Sailor Moon was one of their first, if only, representations of LGBTQ+ characters in animated media. If any rapper is capable of capturing the latent energy and bad-bitch power of Sailor Moon, it’s Canada-based rapper Backxwash. Her most recent EP, Black Sailor Moon, is a wall-to-wall slugfest of sharp bars and personality, featuring instrumentals from the likes of Natsu Fuji, Buttress, Non Bruh, ELII3, and Backxwash herself. Backxwash’s bars spare no creative expense either, detailing her experiences as a trans woman in the cis-dominated rap sphere. Her delivery and flow carry tremendous amounts of emotion and power from track to track without losing any lyrical flair or tightness over the course of the projects’s 14 minute runtime. Few rappers bring as much raw talent and ambition to the table as Backxwash, and to miss out on listening to Black Sailor Moon is to miss out on something genuinely special and like nothing else.

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  1. Unless you watched the American dubbed version. DIC Productions tried to change Zoicite into a woman by hiring a horrible female voice actress and tried to pass Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune off as “cousins”. They also never bothered to release the Sailor Stars series which was the sequel to Sailor Moon because every single sailor scout was a man that transformed into a woman when they went into Sailor Scout mode.

    Kids like me who knew better knew exactly what they were trying to cover up and brush under the rug, and as someone who is LGBTQA, I’ve always felt a little off about enjoying the series because of it. I love it. It was my very first anime, but it still feels a little like betrayal.

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