As_Is: Opening Act


As_Is’ Opening act starts off heavy with this quote, “Eventually this audio file will be forever lost in the digital universe.” Which is a pretty heavy statement on the nature of the internet and the music it brings.

I remember back in my college dorm being exposed to Dubstep, I thought it was the greatest thing ever. It sounded so novel and new; I couldn’t believe my ears. Then within a few months it just turned into a fad. The same thing happened with witch house, seapunk, vaporwave, and eventually lofi hip hop etc.

The music brings joy to those seeking novelties, but then is discarded as an old hat as long as it loses it’s novelty. Yet to those who sincerely enjoyed the music, who sincerely related to it, they’re left in the dust, subjected to mockery and called cringey for being non-ironically interested in a music genre.

All these thoughts rushed past me as soon as I heard As_Is’ musings on Just Feel Something. The opening statements shining a harsh light on the nature of music and the music listener. Then unapologetically opens with one of the best synth intros I’ve ever heard. The bass drops bringing in a rush of those memories on the first time I really sat down to listen to an EDM song. Yet, it’s not EDM, As_Is finds a way to use the usual tropes of electronic music to make their own unique distinct sound. All throughout the track the songs oscillate wildly from one electronic music genre to another. From sounding like dubstep to ending in an 8-bit sounding middle eastern song. Every turn, misdirection, and buildup becomes a joy to listen to; which I couldn’t help but smile at.

The Sucara is an incredibly fun song to listen. With the beginning intro starting with a sample of what sounds like a 50’s monster B movie. With it’s harsh dubstep sounds, synthetic screams, ominous synths, and frantic drumming, it truly commits to being a fun dubstep version of a B movie.

Initiation is the most experimental of the tracks. It’s pounding drum beats echo has the synths growl, only to disappear into a swirl of mystery. The world that’s created from this track becomes incredibly hostile and mysterious as what sounds like a synth chanting in the background, while a bell plays the faintest of melodies. It’s the most thematic, and creative of the songs on the track.

Finally the album ends Thinking in Space, and it’s here that As_Is’ experimentation shines through. The 8-bit synth charms it way back to this track, as the keyboards play a spacious all encompassing sound. This song is incredibly expansive and exceeds in creating a spacious atmosphere. An atmosphere that not only feels vast and endless, but one that seems so fun as well. As though the world of possibilities of electronic music is laid before our feet and all we have to do is have fun and go explore it–which is exactly what As_Is has accomplished.

This album, though only 4 songs long, is definitely worth a listen to. As a perfection summation and expansion on the concepts of electronic music. Any music fan who is into any sort of electronic music, should definitely check out.

Plus they’re from Florida so they’re already pretty good guys in my book

I give this album my recc.

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