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So anybody who has been in the music scene, who has been slaving away trying to “Make it” has gotten the same advice. Which is to get featured on a blog. An economy which is by nature a ponzi scheme.

Bloggers for some reason believe that they are holier than thou, they demand that you should pay $40 dollars for a chance to be promoted. They shill tweet after tweet saying that “If you just repost and comment your music you’ll be featured on our blog” a promise which always turns out to be bullshit.

Months pass by, you see two or three musicians featured with 10k-30k followers, all bypassing any promising underground talent–that could be the next David Bowie–based on the arbitrary amount of followers they have on soundcloud.

This desire to make it with the self appointed “taste-makers,” creates this incestuous dichotomy in which the music they approve creates a scene. People see that that scene gives people popularity and then everybody gets into this rat race to the lowest common denominator. Nobody pushes any new boundaries, sets up new genres, or whatever. Everything becomes stale, tiresome, and boring. Then everybody wonders why modern music (and even “indie” music) just sounds so bland.

So I have an easy solution to both find new music that pushes boundaries, that says something different–that is unique and beautiful–and that is if you say you’re a fucking blogger. Then blog.

After all the time and effort it takes a musician to make a song, the least thing you could do is at least review a few musicians. But alas bloggers are delicate narcissists whose fingers can’t type on a keyboard too long and the work is just oh so difficult.

So since I have a work ethic, and so do other people on this blog. WE WILL REVIEW your music, and we will give artists the platform to VOICE THEIR OPINIONS.

Because everybody knows at the end of the day, those who cannot do, can always blog.


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